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'Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes .'
- Carl Jung

I believe that counselling/therapy can help people to become happier and more self-accepting. A commitment to counselling can help you develop healthier and more intimate relationships in which you are able to get your needs met and also respect the needs of others. The process can also be a stepping stone towards valuing yourself more and becoming clearer about what you want in life and how to deal with the challenges that inevitably occur.

Counselling is a process that takes time, although you can begin noticing positive changes fairly quickly. Because it is a process there are times when you feel you are making lots of progress and other times when you might not appear to be getting anywhere. It is rather like learning a new skill.

Counselling sessions can provide you with more direction and confidence, and with strategies for how to develop to your full potential and to achieve goals - your life can suddenly begin to feel more enjoyable and fun.

It is usually helpful to begin with to meet regularly, ideally at the same time each week. If you are facing considerable challenges it may make sense to continue weekly sessions but otherwise one can move to fortnightly or even monthly meetings.

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